What are you doing for Mother’s day?

Mother’s day is tomorrow and I know I’m looking forward to being spoiled by my 3 boys and hubby.  I have my Mother’s day cards made for my mother and mother in law but really what’s lingering in my mind is our first camping trip as a family, that’s coming up.  We’ll be in Fundy and it should be a good time but I still haven’t come up with a way to travel during the summer and keep up with my scrapbooking, I have too many tools and products to tote them along.  We’d need another trailer just for it!  I do more photo taking which really puts me almost more behind.

Oh well, at least I have lots of pictures to keep me warm throughout the winter and ones to put a smile on my face on those rainy drab days.

I really just wanted to say  “happy Mother’s day to everyone” in scrapbook land.  I hope you mae a beautiful scrapbook for your mother for tomorrow and if you didn’t you should have come to see me!  Haha!