Well Here I Am!

It’s official, this is happening! I have the website, I have the business cards (which are rocking, thanks to vistaprint!) and I have the skills. Now all I need is you! I want to share my knowledge and artistic vision with you. I have the space and time to teach you how if you don’t know or let you explore if you already dabble in it. Scrapbooking, card making and pretty much any paper crafts are a passion of mine. If it can be done, either I have or I’m going to try.

I’m playing with new layout ideas and trying textures (like aluminum foil) to make fun, exciting and elegant masterpieces. Ones that you can put your pictures on or send to someone with pride.

I can’t wait to have the people over who want to try their hand at crafting or just have a place to go to finish up previous projects. With my tools, paper supply and embellishments there are countless craft creations just waiting to be thought out.

So as the website says: Crop with me!