The one tool I can’t live without

Out of all my supplies and tools, there are several I use a lot.  My bone folder (don’t know why it’s still called that it’s made of plastic) it makes a perfect crease in type of paper, great for card making.  My paper trimmer, I use it upside down compared to other people but my paper is always cut exact.  Then there’s my paper piercer, it’s small and sharp looks like a thumb tack on a pen but it makes a lot of jobs easier, like placing brads through paper or making decorative holes for an eyelet effect and even picking up small stickers like half pearls or rhinestones and placing them perfectly.  But my number one tool I can’t live without is my tape gun.  It’s huge, it was expensive and replacements are sometimes tricky to find due to “out of stock” issues but I can whip together a layout or card in minutes with it.  It’s faster than a glue stick and less messy, paper sticks immediately and there’s no dry time.

Although, if you are new to scrapbooking a glue stick can be you’re best friend, because once you place that piece of paper down you have several seconds to adjust it before it’s set, that’s how I started but now I can eyeball a straight line no problem and you will too, with practice.