One of my favorite projects

When people think scrapbooking, they think big, bulky, old boring scrapbooks (maybe) I think what other items can I use to make an interesting photo album to show off my favorite pictures and crafty skills.  I’ve scrapped together at least 6 full scrapbooks, for myself, my mother,  my mother in law and even strangers (through ads on kijiji) but nothing is as cool to show off to friends and family as some of my favorite creations.  Like the box that opens when you take the top off and it lays out like a blooming flower to display 8 (or more) of your precious photos, or the flip out album that is 6″x6″ and it just keeps flipping out to show more photos and journal areas.  I’ve taken old DVD’s and covered them with paper and attached them together with ribbon to make a unique circular album that can hang up to display. examples But my absolute favorite scrapbook was the one made out of every woman’s favorite thing: SHOES!   Well actually flip flop sandals.

The top cover looks just like the sandal, strap and all but of course embellished with ribbons, sparkly yarn  and lettering.  The pages inside cut out to match the shape of the sandal, with just enough room to place tiny cropped pictures (that honestly would look out of place on a big scrapbook layout).  The back of the album is the other sandal with the straps removed so it lays flat.  This album takes a lot of time to make, there is tracing and cutting templates to match the flip flop then the punching of the holes to make the binding and also the decorating and dressing up to make it amazing.  All worth it in the end.

I have made several of these awesome albums (one of my oldest son,  2 for my graduating cousins, a few to sell and one for my mother in law for her trip to cuba).  These albums are a labor of love and although I won’t teach them in a class, I will gladly make them to sell.  Want one?  Email me and we can discuss a theme and price.

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