Not All Scrapbooks are Amazing!

Yup!  like the title says “not all scrapbooks are amazing”.  When people think about scrapbooking (if they haven’t done it) they think each and every layout has to be incredible, all the pictures need to look like a professional took them and there can’t be an inch of white or misused space left.  This is sooo not true!

I have been scraping for over 6 years and I have pages that I’ve completed this past week that are “just okay”  and I have some that I did within my first few months that to this day are still my favorites.   Over time you have certain pictures you will love and those pages could be plain and even have a spelling mistake but it doesn’t matter, you love them.  Other pages will be perfect, everything just fell into place, colours matching, embellishes sparkling and there’s just something about it that you feel it’s missing, even though you couldn’t fit another speck or sparkle anywhere.  It just happens!  Your mood or personal taste change day-to-day and that sometimes affects your overall judgement of layouts.

So when a newbie says they can’t scrapbook because they aren’t artistic I like to call their bluff.  It’s not the years of experience or fancy expensive stuff that make the scrapbook.  It’s the pictures they love and the pride of completing a project that makes the scrapbook a treasure.  So what if the pictures are slightly crooked, the mats are uneven and there’s a spelling error.  Those are little bumps on the journey.

So to make a scrapbook you can be proud of and want to show off all you need is pictures you love that tell a story, some paper and a pen and an acid free adhesive.  Sit down and put it together anyway that makes you happy, there is no right or wrong, no amazing or frumpy.  This is your book and your story to tell!