Moncton pulls through. So proud to call you home!

This is quite off topic but I feel it is necessary for me to Thank the RCMP and everyone else who did everything they could to make my hometown safe again.  June 4th was a regular day for me and my family but after supper just before the kiddos got ready for bed we heard sirens in the distance, I made a comment as I always do about the “cops coming to get ya” to the kids.  Within an hour after those words left my mouth the story started.  My husband told me what was going on from what he heard through his ham radio and for the next 30+ hours we sat listening, waiting, praying for it all to be over.   I was nervous about telling my 6 year old what was happening and how 3 officers lost their lives and 2 more were injured because of this senseless act of violence.  Now today, after it’s done and lives slowly return to normal and we have a chance to gather our thought and mourn for the lives lost I can’t help but think about the shooter’s family and how they must feel.  I know as a mother that must have been one of her worst nightmares hearing her son was the cause of this.  I don’t know her or the family but if I could say something to them it’d be to “try not to blame yourselves.  I know as a mother you blame yourself or feel guilty for everything your child does wrong but this was not your fault or choice, it was his.”

Sorry to make this so dark and off topic for scrapbooking but it has effected my community-OUR community and I needed to share this.

Thanks for reading.  Please take a moment to think about how proud you are to be a Monctonian and how amazing our law enforcement has been.  Also thankful for all the surrounding communities that sent their help in our time of need.