looking for scrapbookers in Moncton

Hey everyone!  I’m looking for people interested in scrapbooking within the Moncton area to start a scrapbook club with in the fall.   I’d love to find 4-8 people who want to learn how or want to dedicate time to scrapbooking.  I’ll offer my home, time, tools and guidance to help create beautiful and complete scrapbooks.  I’m not sure on costs depends on amount of people interested.  I’m just throwing this out there for a little feed back,  please email me if you are interested and give me a few details about yourself and preferences.

example:  new or experienced scrapbooker,  what day(s)/ time works best,  what types of books would you like to complete (family, vacation, baby, wedding etc).   Are you interested in other paper crafts; cards, mini albums, and other fun stuff?

Really I’d love to hold 2 separate groups once a week, one group possibly being newer and needing more guidance and teaching (max 5 people) and another group being experienced just wanting a set place and time and space to do their own thing (max 8 people)  it’s kind of like going to the gym it’s easier with a buddy…let me be your “scrapbook buddy” 🙂 As always I will clean up the scraps afterwards and have everything set up for when you arrive.

Love to hear from you!