July is Almost over

Well, with August just around the corner, that means my fall schedule will be and in full swing shortly.  My calendar for August is very busy but once school starts again I’ll have some free time to create some new and fun layouts.

I can’t believe the summer is so close to an end, I hope you all took lots of photos!  I know we did, we did a lot of camping and travelling so I can’t wait to start some new layouts.  We visited several national parks and participated in their “xplorer” booklets for the kids.  The booklets are filled with fun things to do to help you experience the park and its unique traits.  Once completed the Kiddos received  a dog tag with the park’s name on it and a certificate, some great scrapbook components.  We still have a few more spots to visit as well.

As of right now for my fall schedule I plan to have 2 classes a week but I’m able to accommodate more if needed.

Also keep an eye out for some new photos, time to switch them up and I may even add a portfolio (if I can convince my husband to help :-P)

Have a great rest of July!