HAPPY JUNE 1st! ABC scrapbook

Can’t believe it’s already June 1st.  This past year has flown by so fast my head is still whirling.  I have accomplished a lot though, I helped my oldest son through his first year of kindergarten, I wrote a short story about zombies and had it published on google play books, I’ve started the process to get my driver’s license (finally) and started this fun little side project, I love scrapbooking and now I get to do it for other people or help them complete their own projects.  On that note, I’d like to share a project I have completed.   I made an album for my boys late last year about the alphabet.   I did a one page layout for each letter and had a ball choosing the pictures.  A is for “apple picking”,  B is for “bath time“, C is for “Cleese” (my middle son) etc.   After discussing it with a friend of mine I think I’ll make an event based on it, this is still in the works but I have an idea how to lay it out.

A=apple, airplane,…  B=bathtime, birthday,…C=car, chocolate, cake,…D=dog, dance,…E=Elmo, eat,…F=friends, favorite… and so on!   so many options for each letter makes each scrapbook custom for each person.  I plan to make an 8×8 one as an example but i also have my personal one for display.

If this is a scrapbook you would be interested in please email me and we can discuss.