Dull Scissors and Punches? Fix it!

This has probably been said a million times but here it goes again,  “DULL SCISSORS SUCK!”  There I said it and I feel better? No, my scissors are still dull!  If you are like me, you have those 1 pair of scissors that just fit in your hand, they feel right, they move with you, they cut everything so perfectly they’re almost just an extension of your arm.  When they are dull it’s like trying to tie shoes with mittens on, pointless!   But I have a solution.   This is really simple and it works for punches as well.  All you need to do is cut some tin foil, seriously!  I always heard this “myth” but never tried it.  Then last March when I was designing birthday invites for my 2 older sons, I decided to use tin foil through my sizzix with a polka dot embosser (looked so cool!) and after cutting the 4″x6″ pieces of foil I discovered how sharp my favorite scissors had become.  It was like true love all over again, well maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. But I had forgotten how well those scissors cut through anything….no more snipping through paper just hold them open at that right angle and zoom!

For Punches I would also recommend cutting wax paper, it helps lubricate the moving parts so it takes less muscle to punch through even the toughest of papers.

So if your favorite scissors aren’t cutting it anymore then dig out the tin foil and snip away.

Your punches and scissors will be like new again!