dad’s the man! let’s celebrate tonight!

Tonight is my celebrate dad event!  Fun!  we’re going to make 2 12×12 layouts and a Father’s day card.  The layouts are simple and handsome-just like dad!   The card will be fun and cool – also like dad!  Well, some dads 😉

I have an idea in mind but this is a first for me…due to recent events in the city I haven’t pre designed the layout, it’s still in my head so tonight’s class will be a sort of “play it by ear” kind of night.  But this is great because we’ll choose our colors and we can arrange the layout to everyone’s preferences.  This is kinda nerve-racking lol I always have everything done and ready days if not weeks before.   I’m looking forward to the extra thrill and honestly the creative collaborations.

see you there!