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Moncton Area yard sale is here!

Well it’s tomorrow officially but I’m ready tonight.  Got all my goods packed in the van waiting to go at the crack of dawn tomorrow so I can be there early for those eager beavers.  I have some household items and baby items but most importantly is my selection of handmade cards, gift tags and other crafty bits I’ve created.

hope to see you there!

Not much on the web for Moncton scrapbooking

I know lots of people who scrapbook, card make or paper craft in general and I was honestly shocked by the google results for “Moncton scrapbook.”   I mean there are a few links that will get you information you want but mostly it’s all outdated!  Shame on us!   I’m going to try to help change this 😉

I do believe that scrapbooking is getting “old,” people have done it and “it’s so totally last year” or people think it’s for “old women”  but I think a lot of the problem is space and time.  How many of you have projects you started but never finished?  I know I’ve had, until now!  This is why I decided to start “crop with me”,  a place people can come to complete those projects, get inspired to finish that last layout  or even learn how to start without investing all their time and money into supplies and how to books.   My tools and a crafting space are available for you (for a small fee).  You RSVP to an event and I do the rest, I set up a work station for you, complete with all you’ll need even adhesives (why are other host scrapers afraid to include adhesives?) I’ll also offer you any tips and suggestions I can and then when you are finished I tidy up.  How easy is that?

So now that I’ve offered you a space and time to scrapbook why not finish those lingering projects or start a new one!?  Scrapbooking may be for the old or not the latest craze but I’m only 32 and I love it.  I love looking through my thousands of pictures of my 3 amazing little boys and picking and choosing just the right ones to impact a few pages of paper.  It’s amazing how something so simple (or elaborate) can make your precious memories jump off the page and warm your heart.  Personally I think, if you are a mother or a sister or a grandmother you need have at least 1 scrapbook of the people who are most important to you.  Just think how treasured those books will be in a few generations when the grandkids of those people in the pictures can look and see into the past and their heritage.


Moncton Area yard sale May 3


The St. Philippe golden age club is having an indoor yard sale and I can’t wait to get out there and set up my table.  I have a few things from around the house to sell but more importantly I’ll have my scrapbooking stuff with me to sell. I have blank layouts, gift tags, bookmarks and many cards to sell and I’m going to go through my stock to see if there is anything that might need to come along.  I will also have my personal books up for display and maybe I’ll get a request for a special order or two.

I’m not sure about all the details for the yard sale but I do know the club’s canteen will be open and selling food and last I heard they were almost to full capacity for vendors.

Hope you can make it out, stop by my table and say “Hello!”

In case you need directions, due to recent floods Weisner road is closed if you are coming from Lakeville, you have to get there via Cape Breton road and then Chemin De L’eglise road from there on to St Philippe rd and then to 833 Weisner rd. you can also get there from Bateman Mills rd or Sawdust road.

here’s a link to a google map with directions:

Well Here I Am!

It’s official, this is happening! I have the website, I have the business cards (which are rocking, thanks to vistaprint!) and I have the skills. Now all I need is you! I want to share my knowledge and artistic vision with you. I have the space and time to teach you how if you don’t know or let you explore if you already dabble in it. Scrapbooking, card making and pretty much any paper crafts are a passion of mine. If it can be done, either I have or I’m going to try.

I’m playing with new layout ideas and trying textures (like aluminum foil) to make fun, exciting and elegant masterpieces. Ones that you can put your pictures on or send to someone with pride.

I can’t wait to have the people over who want to try their hand at crafting or just have a place to go to finish up previous projects. With my tools, paper supply and embellishments there are countless craft creations just waiting to be thought out.

So as the website says: Crop with me!