Busy Summer Here in Moncton N.B.

I don’t know about you folks but I’m finding it hard to believe there is only one day left of June and we’ll be on to July in hours.  Wow!  I know I’ve been enjoying the weather this past weekend and I’m planning some upcoming events.  With summer in mind, I’ll try to plan them for rainy days 😉  As soon as I plan those dates I’ll send out my emails to let everyone know.  If there is anyone who have requests about themes or suggestions please email me anytime!  I love to hear other ideas you know I can’t come up with ALL the ideas ALL the time 🙂

Also, since summer is upon us, my events will be down to once a month just until September when school starts back up and schedules fall back into a routine.  Then my calendar will be filled, hoping to have at least one event a week depending on demand.

Have a good one, I’m going to go plan some events!