Back to school!

Well, for back to school I have decided to have a class with a school theme and a summer vacation theme.  We’ll do 2 double layouts one for summer and the other for school.  The school one will have a page for the first day of 2014 nd the second page will be the last day of school of 2015.  The summer one will have a water and sun theme, but you’ll be able to embellish it with your favorite summer activities individually.

I will have them designed and laid out tonight and post the pictures tomorrow.  The event date will be sometime next week but once I have everything set I’ll confirm the date.  Also going to have an open crop or 2 within the next few weeks.

With September here, it won’t be long before our favorite time of year here:  HALLOWEEN!!!  I will have some fun classes for Halloween towards the end of September on through mid October.

Stay tuned!