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Moncton Area yard sale is here!

Well it’s tomorrow officially but I’m ready tonight.  Got all my goods packed in the van waiting to go at the crack of dawn tomorrow so I can be there early for those eager beavers.  I have some household items and baby items but most importantly is my selection of handmade cards, gift tags and other crafty bits I’ve created.

hope to see you there!

Say Hello to May event

I cannot wait til tomorrow night’s event!  The layouts I’ve created are awesome!  For the grading/ graduation set I don’t have grad paper so with some creativeness and ink I used stamps to make the paper, and best of all if you don’t like my stamp choices you can use others to get the look you want.   The summer layout uses stamps and punches and we’ll be coloring them and embellishing them.  FUN!

can’t wait to see ya there!

The one tool I can’t live without

Out of all my supplies and tools, there are several I use a lot.  My bone folder (don’t know why it’s still called that it’s made of plastic) it makes a perfect crease in type of paper, great for card making.  My paper trimmer, I use it upside down compared to other people but my paper is always cut exact.  Then there’s my paper piercer, it’s small and sharp looks like a thumb tack on a pen but it makes a lot of jobs easier, like placing brads through paper or making decorative holes for an eyelet effect and even picking up small stickers like half pearls or rhinestones and placing them perfectly.  But my number one tool I can’t live without is my tape gun.  It’s huge, it was expensive and replacements are sometimes tricky to find due to “out of stock” issues but I can whip together a layout or card in minutes with it.  It’s faster than a glue stick and less messy, paper sticks immediately and there’s no dry time.

Although, if you are new to scrapbooking a glue stick can be you’re best friend, because once you place that piece of paper down you have several seconds to adjust it before it’s set, that’s how I started but now I can eyeball a straight line no problem and you will too, with practice.

Open Crop tonight!

still have room available for my open crop tonight!  only $10 to come use my tools and supplies.  RSVP by phone or email before 5pm

It’s going to be fun!

Best tip for starting a layout

Out of all the things you need to do to scrapbook (color scheme, pick your paper, come up with a layout) the most important thing you can do in my opinion, is crop your pictures.  Cut them down to size.  That way you know what you want to focus on and how much room you’ll have to work with.  If you set out to do a birthday layout and you have 20 pictures to decide from then you need to look at what you want to keep and discard.  Crop out whatever is not important in the picture.  You might have a picture with the birthday person opening a gift but someone decided to reach in front just as you snapped the pic, no worries, crop them right out and you might only have a tiny wallet size photo left but that’s perfect for filling in little spaces.   If you have a full size picture that you just can’t crop that’s great, it can be a focal point.  You can choose something bold to make it really stand out like a fancy border or a bright matte (the paper the photo sits on to make a small border).  The center of one page is complete and now you can display the rest of the smaller cropped photos around to help tell the story of that event.

I think if you have too many photos and you feel too overwhelmed to even start a layout then that’s exactly what you need to do.  Crop the photos to see what has the right feel for the story you want to tell.  Sometimes you may not need to crop any pictures but ideally then you should have no more than 3 on a 12″x12″ page.  Other times you may need to crop them all down to 2″x2″ and that’s okay too because with the right layout you can get 10 or more and not have it look disorderly or crowded.

Hope this helps

Not much on the web for Moncton scrapbooking

I know lots of people who scrapbook, card make or paper craft in general and I was honestly shocked by the google results for “Moncton scrapbook.”   I mean there are a few links that will get you information you want but mostly it’s all outdated!  Shame on us!   I’m going to try to help change this 😉

I do believe that scrapbooking is getting “old,” people have done it and “it’s so totally last year” or people think it’s for “old women”  but I think a lot of the problem is space and time.  How many of you have projects you started but never finished?  I know I’ve had, until now!  This is why I decided to start “crop with me”,  a place people can come to complete those projects, get inspired to finish that last layout  or even learn how to start without investing all their time and money into supplies and how to books.   My tools and a crafting space are available for you (for a small fee).  You RSVP to an event and I do the rest, I set up a work station for you, complete with all you’ll need even adhesives (why are other host scrapers afraid to include adhesives?) I’ll also offer you any tips and suggestions I can and then when you are finished I tidy up.  How easy is that?

So now that I’ve offered you a space and time to scrapbook why not finish those lingering projects or start a new one!?  Scrapbooking may be for the old or not the latest craze but I’m only 32 and I love it.  I love looking through my thousands of pictures of my 3 amazing little boys and picking and choosing just the right ones to impact a few pages of paper.  It’s amazing how something so simple (or elaborate) can make your precious memories jump off the page and warm your heart.  Personally I think, if you are a mother or a sister or a grandmother you need have at least 1 scrapbook of the people who are most important to you.  Just think how treasured those books will be in a few generations when the grandkids of those people in the pictures can look and see into the past and their heritage.


Moncton Area yard sale May 3


The St. Philippe golden age club is having an indoor yard sale and I can’t wait to get out there and set up my table.  I have a few things from around the house to sell but more importantly I’ll have my scrapbooking stuff with me to sell. I have blank layouts, gift tags, bookmarks and many cards to sell and I’m going to go through my stock to see if there is anything that might need to come along.  I will also have my personal books up for display and maybe I’ll get a request for a special order or two.

I’m not sure about all the details for the yard sale but I do know the club’s canteen will be open and selling food and last I heard they were almost to full capacity for vendors.

Hope you can make it out, stop by my table and say “Hello!”

In case you need directions, due to recent floods Weisner road is closed if you are coming from Lakeville, you have to get there via Cape Breton road and then Chemin De L’eglise road from there on to St Philippe rd and then to 833 Weisner rd. you can also get there from Bateman Mills rd or Sawdust road.

here’s a link to a google map with directions:

Thursday’s event photos

sorry this are a day late but I was at a home and school meeting and my cards were designed in my head but not on paper (oops!)  I didn’t want to be posting these last night at 11pm.  But here they are now 🙂

IMAG0083 IMAG0081 IMAG0082

Thank you for Springtime!

I love springtime!  The snow is melting, the tulips are blooming and the birds are singing.  Spring can make any given day feel like something out of a Disney movie.  So to celebrate I am having a  special event.  It’s called “Thank you Springtime” and we’ll be making a scrapbook double layout for spring and 3 Thank you cards.  The event is this Thursday (April 24th) at 7pm, it will cost $15 and all supplies are included (even the envelopes for your cards).  Just RSVP and I’ll be sure to have your seat ready and as a special thank you this event I will have a gift for everyone to take home.  Space is limited so once the class is full I’ll close the event but if the demand is there I’ll schedule another.

The springtime scrapbook layout is girlie and fun with space for up to 8 pictures, it’ll surely look great in any scrapbook or even framed on the wall.

The Thank you cards will be 3 different designs, one neutral, one flowery and the other will be a pop up card that makes its own stand.  What a great way to say “Thanks” to someone special!

2 scrapbook pages, 3 cards and a gift all for $15 plus time out to socialize!  Who could ask for anything more?  Oh, pictures? They’ll be available tomorrow evening 🙂

I have several other events coming up, so check out my calendar to RSVP and get your seat saved right away!

One of my favorite projects

When people think scrapbooking, they think big, bulky, old boring scrapbooks (maybe) I think what other items can I use to make an interesting photo album to show off my favorite pictures and crafty skills.  I’ve scrapped together at least 6 full scrapbooks, for myself, my mother,  my mother in law and even strangers (through ads on kijiji) but nothing is as cool to show off to friends and family as some of my favorite creations.  Like the box that opens when you take the top off and it lays out like a blooming flower to display 8 (or more) of your precious photos, or the flip out album that is 6″x6″ and it just keeps flipping out to show more photos and journal areas.  I’ve taken old DVD’s and covered them with paper and attached them together with ribbon to make a unique circular album that can hang up to display. examples But my absolute favorite scrapbook was the one made out of every woman’s favorite thing: SHOES!   Well actually flip flop sandals.

The top cover looks just like the sandal, strap and all but of course embellished with ribbons, sparkly yarn  and lettering.  The pages inside cut out to match the shape of the sandal, with just enough room to place tiny cropped pictures (that honestly would look out of place on a big scrapbook layout).  The back of the album is the other sandal with the straps removed so it lays flat.  This album takes a lot of time to make, there is tracing and cutting templates to match the flip flop then the punching of the holes to make the binding and also the decorating and dressing up to make it amazing.  All worth it in the end.

I have made several of these awesome albums (one of my oldest son,  2 for my graduating cousins, a few to sell and one for my mother in law for her trip to cuba).  These albums are a labor of love and although I won’t teach them in a class, I will gladly make them to sell.  Want one?  Email me and we can discuss a theme and price.

Check out my events calendar for my upcoming events.