If you scrapbook already you understand the patience involved, setting up your work station, selecting the best photos, planning the perfect layout,  cropping then glueing everything in just the right spot, work at it for an hour then put it all away and there’s an evening gone.  If you don’t scrapbook that probably just discouraged you but if not, did I mention the purchasing of supplies?  There is paper, embellishments, stamps, ink, glue…all of that can be so overwhelming,  but I have great news for you!

You can do it here, at my home with my supplies and tools.
How?  Let me explain.

I used to be a rep for stampin’ up and I’ve accumulated a lot of tools, supplies and know-how to make beautiful scrapbook layouts, handmade cards for any occasion and many other paper crafts such as post it note holders, pop up photo albums, gift tag organizers and even photo albums made of out flip-flop sandals.   Since I am no longer a rep for stampin’ up, I have no pressure to sell their products, instead I can focus of teaching and sharing my skills with others who want to try for the first time, get new ideas or even for those who just want an evening out once a week to be creative and chat with other women.

I have the supplies and the tools to make a comfortable  space for a group of 4 to make beautiful projects you can be proud of.  I call it “Crop with me” because we can do any paper craft you want, cards, gift tags, albums, scrapbook layouts, invitations.  If it’s paper we can do it.  I can provide a project for you, guide you along or just let you explore for yourself.

If scrapbooking is something you want to try but don’t want to buy all the gadgets then this is perfect for you.  Come to my home use my tools, supplies and stamps.  Take home your finished masterpiece and I’ll clean up afterwards.  That means you arrive to a fully set up work station, no fun time wasted on setting it up, and when it’s all done and it’s time to leave, I’ll clean up the scraps so once again no wasted time on cleanup.  You get 2 full hours of  productive crop time.  If there is something specific you will need, message me a few days before hand and I’ll do my best to get it for you.  Example: a certain stamp, particular themed stickers, specific colors. Whatever it is let me know we’ll figure it out together.  I’ll be offering crops 3 evenings a week from 7-9p.m. plus an extra hour til 10pm if needed to finish up, depending on demand.  If you want a day that is unscheduled let me know a few days in advance and then just bring a friend, I have a 2 person minimum for crops.

Check out this site for my up to date calendar to let you know about up coming crops, events and classes.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you!