Back to school!

Well, for back to school I have decided to have a class with a school theme and a summer vacation theme.  We’ll do 2 double layouts one for summer and the other for school.  The school one will have a page for the first day of 2014 nd the second page will be the last day of school of 2015.  The summer one will have a water and sun theme, but you’ll be able to embellish it with your favorite summer activities individually.

I will have them designed and laid out tonight and post the pictures tomorrow.  The event date will be sometime next week but once I have everything set I’ll confirm the date.  Also going to have an open crop or 2 within the next few weeks.

With September here, it won’t be long before our favorite time of year here:  HALLOWEEN!!!  I will have some fun classes for Halloween towards the end of September on through mid October.

Stay tuned!

July is Almost over

Well, with August just around the corner, that means my fall schedule will be and in full swing shortly.  My calendar for August is very busy but once school starts again I’ll have some free time to create some new and fun layouts.

I can’t believe the summer is so close to an end, I hope you all took lots of photos!  I know we did, we did a lot of camping and travelling so I can’t wait to start some new layouts.  We visited several national parks and participated in their “xplorer” booklets for the kids.  The booklets are filled with fun things to do to help you experience the park and its unique traits.  Once completed the Kiddos received  a dog tag with the park’s name on it and a certificate, some great scrapbook components.  We still have a few more spots to visit as well.

As of right now for my fall schedule I plan to have 2 classes a week but I’m able to accommodate more if needed.

Also keep an eye out for some new photos, time to switch them up and I may even add a portfolio (if I can convince my husband to help :-P)

Have a great rest of July!


looking for scrapbookers in Moncton

Hey everyone!  I’m looking for people interested in scrapbooking within the Moncton area to start a scrapbook club with in the fall.   I’d love to find 4-8 people who want to learn how or want to dedicate time to scrapbooking.  I’ll offer my home, time, tools and guidance to help create beautiful and complete scrapbooks.  I’m not sure on costs depends on amount of people interested.  I’m just throwing this out there for a little feed back,  please email me if you are interested and give me a few details about yourself and preferences.

example:  new or experienced scrapbooker,  what day(s)/ time works best,  what types of books would you like to complete (family, vacation, baby, wedding etc).   Are you interested in other paper crafts; cards, mini albums, and other fun stuff?

Really I’d love to hold 2 separate groups once a week, one group possibly being newer and needing more guidance and teaching (max 5 people) and another group being experienced just wanting a set place and time and space to do their own thing (max 8 people)  it’s kind of like going to the gym it’s easier with a buddy…let me be your “scrapbook buddy” 🙂 As always I will clean up the scraps afterwards and have everything set up for when you arrive.

Love to hear from you!

A new(ish) obsession/hobby!

I haven’t been working with paper very much lately.  I’ve started playing with plastic beads.  I remember them from my childhood but don’t recall making anything fun or functional.  But that’s what google is for, eh?  look up the how-to to do anything.  So these beads I’ve been creating with are called Perler beads and to some melty beads.  Since my bos have a major obsession with Mario Bros.  It has been really fun making the characters for them.  My star on our christmas tree is the super star from Mario lol!   I can make anything and it’s fun!  I’ve made a ton of fridge magnets and I sell them (hint hint) also make tree ornaments or rearview mirror hanging designs.  Check out some of my latest creations.  I’ve even figured out a way to incorporate them with my card making and scrapbooking.

Star Wars ornaments

Star Wars ornaments

Mario and super star magnet or ornament

Mario and super star magnet or ornament

Disney princesses ornaments

Disney princesses

assorted fridge magnets

assorted fridge magnets

superman and captain america hanging ornaments

superman and captain america hanging ornaments

Busy Summer Here in Moncton N.B.

I don’t know about you folks but I’m finding it hard to believe there is only one day left of June and we’ll be on to July in hours.  Wow!  I know I’ve been enjoying the weather this past weekend and I’m planning some upcoming events.  With summer in mind, I’ll try to plan them for rainy days 😉  As soon as I plan those dates I’ll send out my emails to let everyone know.  If there is anyone who have requests about themes or suggestions please email me anytime!  I love to hear other ideas you know I can’t come up with ALL the ideas ALL the time 🙂

Also, since summer is upon us, my events will be down to once a month just until September when school starts back up and schedules fall back into a routine.  Then my calendar will be filled, hoping to have at least one event a week depending on demand.

Have a good one, I’m going to go plan some events!


LaLa Loopsy card

I’m so excited about this card!  It turned out sooo well!

I looked up LaLa Loopsy online at had a browse through other handmade cards and I found one that I liked.  I changed it up to suit my needs and tools and here it is!

My favorite part is the “stitching” on everything and the ribbon.

LaLa Loopsy card for Molly

LaLa Loopsy card for Molly

Open Crop at my place

Tomorrow night (Tuesday June 24)  I have an open crop event happening from 7pm-9pm or whenever.  It’s a time to work on previous projects or start a new one.  At my place you can use my tools and supplies or you can just come to socialize.  I also have kits available to purchase from past events (graduation, Easter, Father’s day, and others) kits are $7.  Regardless of what you are working on, small project or large,  if you want some company and maybe some friendly feedback you should come by.

It’ll be a good time, I know I’m looking forward to starting some new projects.  (I have so many pictures of Cleese and Milo just waiting to be scrapbooked).


Back in Moncton, so what’s next…

Well our camping trip went extremely well this past weekend regardless of the rain.  Now that I’m back home and the scrapbooks I did for my son’s teacher are finished and handed in, it’s time to get back to work.   Is it work when you love doing it? hmm…  Anyways.

Upcoming is an open crop night, can’t wait!  I have some projects I want to start and Tuesday (June 24 7pm.) might be the night to start.  I’d love to sit down and “play” with my fellow scrappers, but also offer help or guidance for the newbies.

come check it out if this is something you might be interested in…I’ll be here 🙂


dad’s the man! let’s celebrate tonight!

Tonight is my celebrate dad event!  Fun!  we’re going to make 2 12×12 layouts and a Father’s day card.  The layouts are simple and handsome-just like dad!   The card will be fun and cool – also like dad!  Well, some dads 😉

I have an idea in mind but this is a first for me…due to recent events in the city I haven’t pre designed the layout, it’s still in my head so tonight’s class will be a sort of “play it by ear” kind of night.  But this is great because we’ll choose our colors and we can arrange the layout to everyone’s preferences.  This is kinda nerve-racking lol I always have everything done and ready days if not weeks before.   I’m looking forward to the extra thrill and honestly the creative collaborations.

see you there!

Moncton pulls through. So proud to call you home!

This is quite off topic but I feel it is necessary for me to Thank the RCMP and everyone else who did everything they could to make my hometown safe again.  June 4th was a regular day for me and my family but after supper just before the kiddos got ready for bed we heard sirens in the distance, I made a comment as I always do about the “cops coming to get ya” to the kids.  Within an hour after those words left my mouth the story started.  My husband told me what was going on from what he heard through his ham radio and for the next 30+ hours we sat listening, waiting, praying for it all to be over.   I was nervous about telling my 6 year old what was happening and how 3 officers lost their lives and 2 more were injured because of this senseless act of violence.  Now today, after it’s done and lives slowly return to normal and we have a chance to gather our thought and mourn for the lives lost I can’t help but think about the shooter’s family and how they must feel.  I know as a mother that must have been one of her worst nightmares hearing her son was the cause of this.  I don’t know her or the family but if I could say something to them it’d be to “try not to blame yourselves.  I know as a mother you blame yourself or feel guilty for everything your child does wrong but this was not your fault or choice, it was his.”

Sorry to make this so dark and off topic for scrapbooking but it has effected my community-OUR community and I needed to share this.

Thanks for reading.  Please take a moment to think about how proud you are to be a Monctonian and how amazing our law enforcement has been.  Also thankful for all the surrounding communities that sent their help in our time of need.